That Year of Stock Market Gains Lost, Thank’s Trump and Republicans (also neoliberals)

Let’s talk about the drop in the stock market. Even while my republican representative’s aid are tweeting about random bonuses of companies that have used tax cut money to close profitable factories. Sorry, anger and disappointment in my representatives makes me run-on. The stock market just tanked all of it’s “progress” from the last year.

I have mixed feelings about this because THE STOCK MARKET IS NOT THE ECONOMY, stocks mostly represent the top twenty percent of the richest Americans who have their money in it, I still want to rag on the republican leadership for being full of crap, and the reason that is being given is disturbing.

The first two points are connected but get some caveats. The stock market is not our economy. It is the investments of the richest people in our country and around the world. It is easily manipulable by company stock buy-backs, hedge funds, and ‘feelings’ of what people think is happening in the stock market. Every system I’ve read into feels like they only keep from being fraud by people ignoring what fraud is. Stock prices can be inflated even temporarily for executives to make their stock options more valuable before those inflated numbers crash.

The Economy is big. There are several ways to measure our economy like Gross domestic product, unemployment (every possible way to measure unemployment), higher rate of people entering the job market, income levels (base, mean, median), and even more abstract ways like tourism and a countries tax intake. The stock market is a part of this but when taken by itself can be misleading.

The most misleading people with these numbers are politicians. Donald Trump, who is apparently the president what a terrible idea, was among the people to go hard into the bragging about the stock market getting bigger. Well, the market actually gained more ground around the time when Obama was first elected, so they always should have shut up about it.

Now, the reason economists are giving for the stock market, or confidence in the stock market which apparently literally effects it, was a wages report that says that wages are raising for the first time in years. This is definitely from pretty big local economies raising the minimum wage and the over all support for a system that supports people. Apparently the people that run the stock market like people earning the lowest wages possible. They don’t care about demand of a well founded populace. They know the more money people get paid, the less money that can go to millionaire investors and executive bonuses. Soros didn’t get to be the richest by sharing with the people that makes his company run.

Their priorities are disgusting. The worst part of this is that every time the stock market falls, it effects real people’s lives. Drops in the market go along with suicides, businesses closing, and people loosing their homes. It is a real shame but the people who have the power don’t care because they are profiting off of all of it. They won’t change a thing until you make them.

Citation. Don’t take my word for it. Look it up, jeez.

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