It Isn’t Okay to be a Capitalist

Dear Senator Grassley,

It isn’t okay to be a capitalist anymore; Companies and corporations do not serve the best interest of the people of the United States and we cannot cut their taxes. You cannot cut their taxes. We both know that isn’t why the republican party is pushing this plan. You are pushing it because the billionaire donors told you, ordered you, threatened you. It shows easily shows how our campaign finance system is corrupt and broken.


This will be my third letter to you about the tax plan, I think. When I first wrote to you about how tax cuts for the richest people do not benefit the economy and trickle-down is a lie. The CBO CONCLUDED in 2013 there is no correlation nor causation of lower tax rates, on the richest, benefiting the country.


Gary Gohn from the White House says CEOs are most excited about the new tax plan. It isn’t so they can create more jobs. Sometimes, it looks like this on paper because a company will buy another and say they added X many jobs for all the ones they just bought. Then they’ll fire everyone because they bought out the company for a single asset. Other times they will take all of their profits for the year and use it to buy their own stock, which while legal, artificially raises the stock price. So, any SEO that owns stock, also legal, can sell their stock at a higher price. None of that helps the economy and it is all capitalist behavior.


“My donors are basically saying, ‘Get it done or don’t ever call me again.’” is an oddly honest sentence from NY Rep. Chris Collins. Sen Lindsey Graham said, “The financial contributions will stop.” Taxes will be raised on the majority of America because a few very rich people gave you a few million dollars so that you could give them a few billion in tax cuts. Those tax cuts that will come from the poorest people and will add to the deficit. Sen. Chuck Schumer admitted it when he said that the Koch brothers only care about cuts and don’t care about the deficit.


Billionaires are not rich on their own. They build what they have off the backs of others and our system. A system that is kept up with taxes. It is patriotic to expect the people that benefit most from our system to pay the most back. It isn’t a punishment. Having money does not make anyone special or more knowledgeable, as the Executive office should show.


Company executives are a group of a dozen people who decide what to pay themselves and decide what do with the profits of hundreds of people. Company founders are people that have hundreds of people work and the United States infrastructure to make an idea profitable. Once an idea makes a profit, most if goes to the people in control instead of the people who made it happen or the infrastructure that made it possible. In most instances, companies work to make sure they pay Americans as little as possible. To the point where Wal-mart which generated the most revenue in America last year has most of their employees on food stamps and drains local economies police forces because they won’t pay for their own.


Corporations already don’t pay taxes. Most millionaires, including Trump, pay the mandatory minimum. Between tax havens and loopholes, most corporations effective tax rate is in the teens. The only company that pays their full tax rate is small business owners, the shield of every law made to actually benefit the biggest companies. A lot of corporations pay nothing in taxes or even get tax returns.


They in most cases, they don’t even serve the consumer. Most of the food sold in America is more harmful than nutritional. Airliners assault and kick out passengers to save money. There is a local monopoly in every city in America for internet; As, Americans we pay sixty to a hundred dollars a month on internet and have one of the slowest in the world, where our socialist counterparts enforce pay on average six dollars a month. Companies are too big for people to negotiate with on even footing. That is partly why we have government.


Companies can’t have this kind of control over government and we cannot afford to give them a tax break for exercising control over you. We cannot let the richest Americans sink the country’s infrastructure and social programs so they can fill their pockets.  If the richest people are not happy to be patriots, great. If the country keeps running and having money, perfect. If you lose big donors because you voted against this bad idea of a tax plan and kept the country running, good.

MLK Jr. spoke on a related idea. “The poor can stop being poor if the rich are willing to become even richer at a slower rate.”


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