Medicare-For-All Make America #1 in Healthcare

Dear Senator Grassley,

There is an answer to America’s healthcare problem and you can vote for it! I’ve been busy moving, so I cannot tell you something that I have been wanting. I was disappointed in August, when you left Senator McCain alone to do the right thing and vote against the health care repeal. You voted for a bill that would kick millions of people off their healthcare and leave thousands of people to die. You were probably confused by all of “free to choose” lies that meant that poor people could pay impossible prices or not have healthcare and in many cases die. You have a chance to redeem yourself by reaching across the aisle and listening to  good ideas, like you always claim you do during elections.

Bernie Sanders has unveiled his Medicare-For-All. I am excited for a healthcare bill that didn’t come from the Heritage Foundation. Bernie wants to enhance the only government program with ninety percent popularity and let every American benefit. There wouldn’t be a glaring hole like the ACA that left nearly three million people uninsured. It wouldn’t leave people on their own to pay expensive premiums and deductibles. Better than most other countries’ socialism, Medicare covers dental, optical, and hearing assistance in addition to most healthcare needs. In four years, it would make America’s healthcare system truly number one because right now, we are thirty-seventh. “We’re 37!” isn’t a chant I’m proud of in America.

There is a way to pay for it too! It isn’t in the same bill, so for now it is similar to the two recent wars, our constant bombing of a disclosed nine countries, the increase to the military budget, and all of the tax cuts that the president wants for himself. Unlike those stupid and stupidly expensive things, there is a plan to pay for it. Four percent tax on everyone. It hurts people to say but the majority of American’s pay more than four percent. A lot of American’s pay well over a hundred percent of their yearly income and are in perpetual debt because of health care bills.

If you need a little reminder about what the richies will think, remember that the CBO CONCLUDED that the tax rate on the top percent of richest Americans has NO effect on the economy.

I don’t even think you have to pass the pay for it act this year. You can let a democrat do that later. If you vote yes now, we can be done and feel better knowing healthcare is fixed. You can go above and beyond by throwing your voice out in support. Mainly, just vote yes on Medicare-For-All 2017.


P.S. The Cassidy-Graham Bill is bad for cutting funding and kicking people off healthcare (killing them), same ways that the previous three ACA repeals were bad.


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