The Exciting Benefits of Failing Tax Reform

Dear Sen. Grassly,

I heard an exciting opportunity that really piqued my interest in the new tax reform goal of Congress. It would kill two birds with one stone! Koch officials like Tim Philips say that they will ‘close the piggy bank’ if we don’t hit the Republican goal of tax reform. So please, don’t hit it! A little bit less legal bribery and less of America’s misguided wealth distribution is the biggest win-win I can see in the next year and a half.

You are the problem and I think I can help you. In one of my earlier letters, I talked to you about how trickle-down economics and similar ideas were debunked by the impartial CBO. Their conclusion in a 2013 report said that there is no correlation nor causation of lower tax rates on rich benefiting the country. Your response was to quote a few more isolated findings of the CBO, as if that changed the solid conclusion that ‘trickle-down economics’ do not benefit America. Your resistance to this tells me that you need to hear the word conclusion a few more times. So, look forward to more reminders.

We tax the gains that people make off of the American system. The more someone profits, the more they should give back. It is that simple. The people and things that benefit the most are not paying their fair share. In the nineteen fifties corporation’s taxes supplied a quarter to a third of the government budget. As of 2015, that was ten percent. They are gaining the most and can stand to pay a lot more. Corporations are a lot bigger than they were in the nineteen fifties.

What do I want you to do? I want you to vote against any tax reform that lessons the taxes on corporations and the top percentage of Americans. I want you to stand for closing tax loopholes.  I want you to increase taxes or at least the effective tax rate on corporations. Put an end to tax havens. These things have gone with winking allowance for too long. Corporations are not your friends and are unpatriotic for stealing money in this way because it hurts American families.


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