A few weeks ago, I submitted a comment to Joni Ernst about Healthcare. I was going to ignore it because her office is useless when it comes to thinking. When, I heard that she was working on the newest interaction of the tax cut for the wealthiest that Republicans are deceiving each other ton thinking it is a healthcare bill, I had a change of heart. Here is the excerpt that set me off.

“Throughout my 99 county tour, I have heard from many folks facing premium increases, as well as increases to deductibles and copays, that they simply cannot afford – all because of the ACA.”

You are wrong about why people cannot afford deductibles and co-pays. It isn’t because of the ACA as terrible and vague of an answer as that is. Premiums are the constant things that people can’t afford. They can’t pay those things because wages have stagnated, which is also your problem, and because private insurance exists. We have the most expensive and most exclusive healthcare system in the world and healthcare company CEOs make a hundred thousand dollars a day denying to pay for people’s healthcare. You have bad answers even when you take a month to answer. You are the worst. It is time for single payer.


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