You Could Shoot a Senator, Too!


Your actions are only a few shades of desperation from those of mass shooters and knife attackers. Every action I take is gently justified by my situation and outlook. All that really separates us is the specific use of violence and perhaps desperation.

We do a lot to define our actions as normal and cast mass murder as monsters. Our media justifies certain acts of violence by certain people. Only the mentally ill or lowlife thugs are capable of violence but what Holocaust education tried to teach is that the horrible actions of the Nazis were helped and completed by every normal person in society and the same could happen with any society, forever. News and popular public opinion casts modern violent actors in the insane.

Violence is not limited to, or a sign of, the insane. Humanity is steeped in the violent interaction. The United States uses violence to enforce its domestic and international interests. Violence is associated with the growing pain of nearly all of our accomplishments. Women didn’t get the right to vote without protesting, being violently arrested and starving in prison. Martin Luther King Jr said ‘Riot is the voice of the unheard’ and took advantage of the violence used against his protests to promote his causes. We can’t forget one act of violence motivated by hate silenced Martin Luther King Jr. forever. Manifest Destiny and continental expansion where shorthands for a native genocide. I’ve been disturbed by the number and commonality of drone strikes used by the U.S. president, mostly used by Pres. Obama. Drone strikes are one of the things we do because it is easy, even if there are more failures and casualties than victories.

The defensive separation of normal people from violent stops thought of motivation for violence. People rarely think about causes of violence being lack of another outlet, ease of use, and the love of violence or hate. It is a negotiation tactic of countries that use war to settle differences, racketeers, and siblings that want toys. We use violence to get what we want. Violence can also be motivated by hate and fear is used to justify continued bombing of the Middle East and Jim Crow Laws that strip rights from black people.

I think the political discourse is a major factor in the Virginia baseball practice attack. With the rise of special interests and the dominance of wealth-backed candidates rising from primaries, politicians seldom represent the public. Public opinion has very little to do with the policy that gets introduced and passed by lawmakers. In turn, when constituents try to raise their concerns, they get canned blow-off responses, get accused of being paid plants, filtered out by a representative’s staff, or are considered fake in some other way.

Several Republicans considered their angry crowds to be paid or shipped in from somewhere else, even with ID and party screening. A popular myth that never makes sense. Where are they being shipped from and who is paying them is never addressed with proof. We had an election rife with backdoor dealing, voter tampering, fake news, and questionably closed primaries. In reaction to a lost election, the Democratic party makes excuses instead of correcting any questionable behavior. Instead of reassuring the angry populace lawmakers are plainly dodging them and crying to the media in contempt and confusion. I have been so distressed with the need to play dumb with public outcry that I have tried to spell out that thousands of people will die because of the Republican need to break government. I’ve tried to tell Democrats that things will not improve if they accept people dying just to keep a status quo and that drone strikes are fucked up.

I have been struggling with a kind of line between unlikely hope and uselessness. I imagine this is what the shooter felt. Our government is broken, getting worse, and we are running out of ways to fix it. At sixty-six the shooter probably doubted he could make it to another election and lost faith in the effect of protesting.

My position on the whole thing is to not lose hope and not to worry too much over people trying to connect you or progressives to the shooter. We are connected to the shooter in our despair. We are connected to terrorists with our hate and ignorance. We are connected to lawmakers in that we want to see the country be better and have our biases. Don’t lose hope. We still have a voice and resources. I recommend you support Wolf PAC who are going state by state to call for an amendment to the constitution that would get special interests money out of elections; So, public opinion would be the only opinion to matter to lawmakers. Please use this blog and letters as a recourse and motivation to write to your senators. We are the people and we do not have to resort to violence, yet.



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