Go For Medicare for ALL: Letter to Grassley

April, 10 2017

Senator Chuck Grassley

135 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator Grassley,

I thought I could take this calm, between bills feverishly being pushing through congress in the narrow hours of the morning, to talk about Healthcare, the failed reform. Medicare for all is a wonderful action. I have been bouncing around the possible coverages for the last couple of years. I am turning thirty this year and the ACA started just in time to keep me on my parents’ health coverage until I was twenty-six. My first year on my own, I went to the marketplace. I paid somewhere around sixty dollars a month for my coverage. My life took a turn when I dedicated more time to writing a novel. Now I am writing my second and revising the first and for the freedom to start my career I live cheaply and work part time. The less I work the less I earn and I have been on Iowa Medicaid for the last three years. What I have to thank for my professional freedom is I don’t have debt from college and Iowa covers my healthcare.

Iowa’s privatized Medicaid is failing because health insurance is not designed to help people. Insurance is designed to screw people over. When privatization and ACA gave insurance companies the money they and people they wanted but the law also made the insurance work for the people. So, corporate hierarchies cannot pull the self-bonuses and be cutting back on coverage that they did while independent. Companies cannot and should not try to profit off of the sick. They do not supply speedy and responsible health coverage.

You get a lot of shit for your death panels lie and you should but what is unexpected is that private insurance is death panels themselves. They only make money when they don’t pay out and they don’t pay out as much as possible.

I don’t want insurance paying for my healthcare. I want to pay for my healthcare. I want everyone who uses health services and healthcare to pay. The popular idea of government is that is a bunch of systems that chew up money inefficiently but that isn’t all. A government is the will of its people. Government is collective action. Medicare for all would not be free healthcare, it would be collective healthcare and it would save money that insurance companies waste on lobbyists, advertising, and executive bonuses.

Small business, like I plan to be, are a lot of risks. Currently, much small businesses is suffering under a shrinking economy because wages have not increased for the last thirty years, while costs have steadily increased. These companies float around twenty-nine employees and work them for twenty-nine hours because at thirty people need to be covered for healthcare. Chances are the business owners also are not insured. It would be a boon for small businesses if they and their employees were covered along with the rest of the united states.

Economically, it is a mixed bag in the short run but it is a middle and long run win. Insurance companies would shrink. Anytime less money is spent on the economy, there is a recession. At the same time, companies will have more money because they won’t be paying for employee insurance. They could pay employees more, they won’t, but they could. A third of union and teacher’s disputes would be settled. That’s more money for schools, too. Small businesses will be able to hire more people and have customers that have freed income equal to the average premium. Healthcare is a leading cause of debt in the US and the worst kind, that snake would be cut off at the head, and there is plenty more debt for the cottage industry of collectors to use. Though it would shut down a lot slimiest industries, those workers would have healthcare.

Medicare for all would solve a lot that is wrong with America and help Americans of every walk of life. Support Bernie Sander’s Medicare for all.

Sincerely, Ray Richards


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