ACA: Letter to Senator Grassley

Dear Senator Grassley,

You should not repeal but amend the ACA or truly make it obsolete. In the fight leading up to the creation of ACA or Obamacare there was a lot of misinformation and skipped over information; A chunk of that lies were from you. You said that you would not let Grandma go before a death panel. You said, “We should not have a government program that will determine to pull the plug on Grandma.” To be fair, you admitted that no death panels exist but now your party is moving to pull the plug on Grandma’s insurance and I have not heard a dissenting opinion from you.

Repealing the Affordable Care Act will not fix the issues that several republicans have brought up. Obamacare as it works started as a Republican idea. It was the idea of getting more people insurance coverage. Health Care costs are the one of the leading causes of debt and arguably unavoidable. The idea that private providers would be best for expanding coverage came from the Heritage Foundation. The law made several new pro-consumer requirements of every insurance provider. They can no longer require that a person be healthy to be covered, the pre-existing conditions.  What the law didn’t do is cover every person or change how hospitals, billing, or personnel are run.

It was a republican idea but what it missed was the republican attention to details. Insurance companies are not in a vacuum. They exist to work with hospitals and spread the cost for individuals over a long period of time. They are two symbiotic industries that pass around huge amounts of cash that built over time. As a result, people cannot afford health insurance on their own and the hospitals get paid too much by insurance companies to be able to comprehend people.

ACA ignored this relationship, mostly. Private companies have more than costs and personnel to pay. They do studies, marketing campaigns, and fund lobbyists, too. All of which cost money that they get from the people covered.

The major problems with ACA that have been shared on the Senate floor were raising premiums and when people signed up seven years ago, they didn’t get their exact coverage and switched doctors, seven years ago. Seven years ago, insurance companies had several coverage plans that were illegal because they violated the new guidelines for useful plans, thus cancelled and the users moved to a legal plan. The doctors and changed coverage only come up for a negative to ACA and never as a problem to solve. They’ve been ignored for seven years. Has there been any follow up with any of those people from seven years ago?

The other biggie is raising premiums. This problems seems like it can be solved with money, some better management, or some will.

What these problems have in common are that they will not be solved by repealing ACA. Those people from seven years ago won’t get their doctor back, doctors move, retire, or become sorcerer supreme.  Premiums will continue to go up and down with company market values and other factors.

The other reason is that it costs too much money, which I will reject out of hand because you are in government and part of repealing ACA decided that you should play with 9.7 Trillion more dollars.

Insurance is not made to be used. The ACA took away the automatic no that was used to let people die and let companies keep their profits. Insurance companies failed us. The fetish with private market needs to end. The kicked to all this of course is that the problems law makers have with the ACA are not the problems that people have with the ACA, which are that it is still insurance. The favorite republican fix for high insurance is a higher deductible for cheaper insurance but that is unusable. The problem people have with it now, that law makers ignore, is their deductibles are too high to be any use and I’ve heard that most out of people with two thousand dollar deductibles.

There is a way to take half the money that American’s already spend on insurance and healthcare and skip the siphoning of the insurance companies and that is a single payer model. A well laid plan for all Americans, paid for by all Americans.

The problems that ACA doesn’t have is hospitals closing and people being turned away for their cancer treatment. Which I find a lot more compelling than an insurance company playing hard ball for more money or more room to leave people hanging for any excuse. Obamacare isn’t hurting hospitals and people will be left sick and die without care if the law is repealed. Go for the gold standard of universal health care.

P.S. Good job voting for the Canadian Drugs bill. You know those are the same drugs, Canada just isn’t afraid of corporations.

P.P.S. Answer the phone or turn on a machine during the next public comment window.


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